IVP’s European Art of Dining course provides students with the tools needed to feel confident in any European business or social situation.

Anyone dealing with officials, businesspeople or prominent clients from different cultures will benefit from the program, as will those wanting to expand their understanding of European etiquette.

Whether hosting VIP guests or foreign clients, you will gain the extra polish needed to enhance your personal and professional life, while avoiding cultural mistakes that could cost you an important opportunity.

Time left until the April 2024 course starts:


We accept everyone over 18 years old (no upper age limit)

The course is taught in English

Dates of the next courses:

  • Monday April 22nd to Friday April 26th, 2024

  • Monday June 10th to Friday June 14th, 2024

  • Friday August 9th to Tuesday August 13th, 2024

  • Monday October 14th to Friday October 18th, 2024



• Anyone over 18, with a good working knowledge of English who wishes to feel confident in European social and business circles.

• People dealing with officials, businesspeople, or prominent clients from different cultures as well as those who would like to expand their understanding of European etiquette.


If you wish to enhance your learning experience you could add one or two private lessons in Diplomatic Protocol, Effective Communication, Dealing with the Media, Introduction to Leadership or a Personal Image consultation. These private sessions can be booked during weekdays after your regularly scheduled classes.


Nothing replaces in-person classrooms and teachers. Although you can “google” the answers for your many questions, the internet cannot show you which answers are relevant and which ones are downright wrong or just wrong in a certain situations or cultures. We will give you tools to discern which answers are right and why.

Our teachers are experts in their fields with extensive experience. They can make complicated subjects look simple yet answer questions in depth. Aware of differences and nuances, the teachers might have more than one answer to a question and can explain the historical background, illustrate it with anecdotes and help you understand the context.

You will gain an insight not only of French and British customs but also of the etiquette of other European countries. You will discover that what is important or correct in one country might not be so in a neighbouring one.


Interactive presentations will explain

• The differences between dining in a private home or in a restaurant, social or business meals, formal or informal dinners and the unique aspects of English, French and European table manners

• European menu sequences and food and drink taboos

• The use, history and variety of cutlery for eating and serving

• Invitations and dress codes for formal and informal occasions

• The variations in greetings and introductions in European countries

• How to master small talk when meeting people for the first time including which topics are appropriate or inappropriate for table conversations

• How to pair food and wine to achieve the perfect combination.

Practical lessons

• Set a table in different European styles, depending on menu and occasions

• Organise and serve after-dinner coffee in a manner that respects new trends while honouring traditions

• Play the role of host and hostess at dinner parties

• Feel comfortable whether attending a business luncheon, visiting a restaurant, or eating “tricky” foods

• Steep yourself in the traditions and the etiquette of English tea and three other European tea cultures


A specially designed and highly researched IVP book complements the subject matters covered in class and serves as a helpful reference throughout the student’s life. The knowledge and vast experience that our experts have acquired in these fields also help to clarify many points and explain the evolution of international etiquette over the years and even decades.This book is included in the course fee and is not available for purchase separately.

Why attend Institut Villa Pierrefeu and the European Art of Dining Course?


tutorials on European fine dining with feedback from the teachers


hours of interactive classes, with brainstorming and role playing


years of experience teaching international etiquette and protocol 


 alumni from more than 120 countries across the world 

Student's Feedback

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The European Art of Dining course is for those who want to feel comfortable in various dining situations. It is not only about how to eat with a knife and a fork – but it provides a full picture of theory and practice so that you will be prepared to be a great host or a guest. The course answered my many questions to which I could not find solutions in this digitally driven world. A valuable experience with expert teachers and in beautiful surroundings.
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I attended the European Art of Dining week. I did not expect to get so much from the course, it was almost as if I gained a superpower. I feel transformed as hostess and now have the confidence to create wonderful moments and memories around the table.
AhmedSaudi Arabia
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I had the 1-week program. I really feel blessed and lucky to get the chance to have these life lessons. It was a great experience. Great location and instructors. I highly recommend it.
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The impact of IVP training has been tremendous as it focuses on essential core human values. After our course engagement, many students have commented on how differently they now approach and engage in social settings. Everyone seems to feel more confident and comfortable as the skills learned in training expand to all parts of our personal and professional lives. Above all, we grew our appreciation for civility and etiquette as they enhance our relationship with oneself as well as with others. I recommend IVP without reservation and I’m grateful we were able to avail ourselves of team's exquisite knowledge and professionalism.
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IVP is a place where elegance and education are fundamental. You not only learn how to host in the best possible way, but also receive a precious knowledge about various cultures, habits and customs. At Pierrefeu you broaden your perspectives in an intelligent and meaningful manner. It has been a valuable experience, which created long lasting personal development. I also met dear friends from all over the world during the course. The teachers have a priceless expertise and share it with great generosity. IVP is a unique school which teaches etiquette tailored for our times.