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Institut Villa Pierrefeu

In addition to its existing courses, IVP will create tailor-made programs for special groups of participants with specific objectives. In such cases our expert team of teachers and consultants applies its experience and vast knowledge of social and business etiquette, international savoir-vivre, protocol and home management to design a unique course which can be delivered at our facilities or in your home country.

– It could be for people from a government entity who want to add to their knowledge of how to receive high level foreign guests, communicate with them in the most effective way and leave them with a highly positive impression of their culture.

– It could be for businesspeople who want to polish their manners and avoid cultural mistakes when dealing with customers from other cultures.

– It could be for a school to help their students appreciate the diversity of customs and etiquette worldwide and provide tips on how to be confident in any social situation, starting with table manners and dress codes.

– It could be for a group of people or a family who want to travel to Europe and understand what the most important customs and manners are in order to enjoy their trip more fully.

So far these have included representatives from government entities, various companies and schools. Over the years our teachers have taught these special programs in the USA, Japan and a number of Gulf countries.

To be able to reply to a request for such a bespoke course, we need details on the professional background, English language skills and objectives of the potential participants, as well as the time available and the dates which would suit you best.