A unique course created by

Institut Villa Pierrefeu

Charles MacPherson Academy

A tailor-made course for the 21st century created by the two leaders in the field, the very experienced Institut Villa Pierrefeu team in collaboration with Charles MacPherson, bestselling author and founder of The Charles MacPherson Academy.

Theoretical and hands-on lessons to learn best practices for organising, optimizing and simplifying your tasks and procedures. You will master an invaluable amount of information, as well as practical tricks and tools to run your homes effectively and efficiently.

Managing a home is as difficult as running a business. Before opening a business we get an education, find mentors, and make a business plan. For some reason we are expected to know how to take care of our home with too little time and experience. Whether you run your own home with or without domestic staff, the professionals are here for you to find your system.

Time left to get an Early Bird reduction:


We accept everyone over 18 years old (no upper age limit)

The course is taught in English

Dates of the next courses:

April 15th – April 19th 2024

October 21st – October 25th 2024